Marley Stratus Series

ADCO Roofing provide professional gutter installation and cleaning services in Tauranga and throughout the Bay of Plenty

Our teams have extensive experience with Marley products, ensuring you get a quality product along with an excellent standard of workmanship.

  • Designed and manufactured in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions.
  • Will not corrode or rust. Ideal for coastal areas with salt-laden air.
  • Range of styles to suit any home.
marley spouting how its made
continuous spouting

Gutter Repairs and Maintenance

At Adco Roofing we know that gutter maintenance is essential to prevent damage to your home. We can even provide you with a roof inspection report on the state of your gutters and roof plus also discuss and schedule with you a preventative maintenance plan for future gutter cleaning. Leaking gutters & downpipes can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage.

Without regular cleaning of your gutters, your gutters will have this debris build-up that can and will cause irreparable damage – even with top of the line gutter systems. When your gutters are full of debris, they will not do the job that they are intended for, which is to take the rainwater AWAY from your home. Instead of the gutters taking water away, if they are full of debris, they will in fact deliver this rainwater directly into your home causing water damage to your home over time.

Stay Safe. Don’t DIY!

It might seem like a good idea to grab a ladder and clean your gutters yourself. It’s not! 

Most accidents around the home occur on a ladder and even just a small distance off the ground can cause significant injuries if you were to fall. Saving a few dollars on professional gutter cleaning isn’t worth the risk of injury.

Call Adco Roofing Ltd Today and have a professional take care of your Roof/Spouting maintenance.

Sky Vac Gutter Cleaning

To clean your gutters, we use a specialised wet/dry vacuum system that not only gets rid of that leafy debris, it will also remove the mud, dirt, and sludge that sits in the bottom of your gutters. It is this sludge that causes the problems in your gutters, not only causing overflowing gutters or blocked gutters but can also rust your gutters. It is also in this matter that holds all the nutrients that the vermin love to feast on.

We will clean the gutters AND take away all the debris, leaving your gutters to be able to do the job that they were intended for!

Contact Adco Roofing to get your guttering sorted today!

We are guttering and spouting repair experts and offer a range of solutions to suit any problem. From residential to large commercial repairs and replacements – ADCO Roofing can help.